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Manhattan Rooftop Elopement

Luigi & Maya - New York, NY

April 23, 2023

Couple having rooftop elopement in new york city

Taking place in the heart of Chelsea, this rooftop elopement felt straight out of a movie featuring breathtaking views of Manhattan. The forecast had cast a shadow of doubt over Luigi and Maya's special day, promising a downpour that threatened to spoil their plans. But as if the universe conspired in their favor, the rain miraculously held off just long enough for their elopement vows and portraits to be captured. They embraced the uncertainty of the weather and transformed it into an ethereal backdrop and their love story came alive through the lens. Each photograph captured their undeniable chemistry. Against the backdrop of Manhattan's towering structures, they showcased not only their love but also their innate ability to model in front of a camera.

Blurry wedding detail photo

Wedding couple in New York City

The Collition Studio rooftop is an expansive space featuring five different levels and has the ability to hold up to twenty-five people, perfect for those looking for a mirco-wedding or elopement. In addition to the stunning venue a big thank you to the amazing vendor team!

Planning: Anna from @thecraftedspace

Dress: @boandluca

Florals: @emberfloral

Invitations: @barnettcrafted


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