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Wedding Photographer Riley Brennan
Arizona Red Rocks

get to know me..

I am a Brooklyn based photographer with a focus in human connection. Born and raised in Connecticut, I cultivated a deep passion for travel and exploration, ranging from cross-country road trips that spanned weeks to months long adventures throughout Asia. Initially inspired to document my travels I got my first “real” camera when I was thirteen, a creative tool that has become an inseparable extension of myself ever since.  


Equipped with a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), I channel my background in fine art and documentary photography into my current work. I love to experiment and create one-of-a-kind images, whilst also documenting every moment. I am genuinely excited to get to know you, to delve into your unique narrative, and to photograph you in a way that seamlessly harmonizes both my distinctive style and your individuality. Together, we will create timeless photographs that encapsulate the essence of your story. 

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Wedding Photographer Riley Brennan
Wedding Photographer Riley Brennan

If after reading all of this you think we might get along I hope to hear from you!

A little more about me… 


I am obsessed with thrifting vintage clothes, my two cats, photographing nights out with friends, fresh flowers, my partner, and the vibrance of new york city. When not photographing people in love I teach art because I am passionate about the importance and impact art education has on the life of a child. 

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